Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Small but Noteworthy

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The inspiration for this post is from something that happened to me today.  I thought I would relate this small anecdote for you.  I find it is good to notice such moments in one's day, because it helps you to focus on something positive.  Sometimes we forget the small or simple things, so I thought this was noteworthy.

I was taking the bus this morning as usual to get to class.  As it pulled up, I stood back as per my usual habit and let everyone get on before me.  However, there was this older gentleman who put out his hand to signal for me to go ahead of him.  I repeated the gesture and said, "Allez-y."  He said, more emphatically, "Allez-y, allez-y!", urging me to get on the bus before he did: "Allez-y mademoiselle!".  With such a polite deference to me, I could hardly refuse.  I smiled and thanked him as I stepped onto the bus.  For those of you who believe that no one has respect or manners anymore, take the time to notice the people who do: they are out there!  Part of being hopeful is being attentive to and recognizing the small things in life.

** Now for any readers who feel like I am procrastinating, I sincerely apologize!  I promise not to get side-tracked anymore and to get directly back to relating the adventures of my dating project.  I will update soon to get you up to speed on what came after my date with Amin. 

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