Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Creating a Profile

Here the day has arrived where I dip my toe into the ocean called Plenty of Fish.  I am feeling apprehensive because it is a new experience for me, something completely unknown.  It is certainly out of my comfort zone.  I am a creature of habit and don't like to have to step outside of my box.  Usually life challenges you to grow and do different things and I rise to challenge because I find it better to do so when something is thrust upon you.  This is a different scenario, however.  I am pushing myself this time and trying to keep my momentum going.

It occurs to me that I am kind of "coming out" if you will.  I am very openly declaring over the Internet that I am looking to date.  Before this project, my mindset was about not looking.  I was just working on getting my own life and goals where I wanted them to be.  In the meanwhile, if I met someone interesting, I would explore any potential there.  So I was open to dating, but not actively seeking someone.  In fact, for awhile, I was very good at blending into the walls of my various classrooms and becoming almost nearly invisible.  This and perhaps what you would call bad luck or circumstance have made it such that I have not been on a single date in just shy of 7 years.  Now you can understand why I am a little nervous!

In the past few months, I have noticed an improvement in that direction, however.  Just going about my business and accomplishing my own goals, it would seem I began to be visible.  In the shortest semester I have ever had (due to student strikes), I was noticed.  There were a couple of guys in one of my language classes that talked to me and showed an interest in me.  I was stunned; they clearly knew I existed.  To make this story short, however, nothing came of it because the one, it turns out, couldn't possibly have asked me out on a lunch date the one time since has a girlfriend in France and the other let his politics and strong views on the student strikes interfere with common courtesy and respect.  I had an open mind when it came to these two, not knowing quite where things would go, but these opportunities didn't pan out.  This was what appealed to me about Plenty of Fish: creating more opportunities.  I am open to taking opportunities as they come, but don't find myself with many such opportunities.  If I could increase their number, my chances at success would be better. 

I will post an update later on my progress, possibly today or tomorrow.

 ~ Elise

P.S. In future posts, I will indicate on a scale of 1 to 10 how Hopeful or Hopeless I am feeling that day.  That is taking the adverbs at their face value: am I full of hope or am I depleted of hope?  Today is probably something like Hopeful 7  Hopeless 1, so overall quite positive :)

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