Monday, 16 July 2012

The Project

I thought to have a project to structure my blog.  Otherwise, I would end up simply expressing my views or feelings and I might wonder to what purpose I was publishing this.  Having a project with specific goals will give me the proper framework for my writing.

If you happened to have clicked on my only other listed blog, you will see it was also a project.  Quickly, you will also notice that it is incomplete.  I encountered certain snags in my posting, so I actually did do a bit more than I wrote about.  Hopefully I will be able to resume that one at some point.  I knew when I started that project, though, that it was ambitious and that I probably would not finish it.  68 metros in 41 days was an intense schedule.  My current project will be more flexible and attainable. 

I am up for another challenge.  This one was partially inspired by a conversation I was having with my friend √Čtienne the other day.  He was talking to me about online dating.  That is something I have never been interested in, but listening to him talk about it, the idea grew on me.  Slowly I began considering making a profile on Plenty of Fish based on his recommendations.  He gave me a very pragmatic guide to what to expect and how things work when making such attempts.  I didn't sound half as bad as I'd thought before.  It even sounded manageable and feasible.

I figure you have to be pretty hopeful to try online dating.  Most anyone I've ever heard talk about it say that it's pathetic and only for people who are desperate.  I haven't talked to many people who have actually tried it, but what I have heard is that you need to be patient and also prepared to have "duds".  We'll have to see how Hopeful I still feel after going on Plenty of Fish.

I am ready to try something new.  So many people say that they start dating online because they don't have time to meet people.  I suppose I can count myself in that category, though it's a bit more complicated than that and I will explain further in another post.  Plenty of Fish just might be the solution for me; I'll have to see.  I feel ready to begin dating again.  I think it is time to let my best imaginings about a guy and a relationship manifest so I can prove to myself that these ideas are not just in my head, but that they can be real.  That is my very hopeful side talking; I also know it will take time, patience and hard work on this project.  I am ready to make that effort.

Still Hopeful ~ Elise

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