Friday, 21 December 2012


Hopeful 8   Hopeless  3

My Christmas holidays, such as they are, have officially begun.  I still have a lot of studying to get done, but I find myself with a bit more time. My goal is to bring my blog entirely up to date.  I will try my best.  For these entries, I will write my hopeful-hopeless count as I feel it on the day it is posted, unless I otherwise specify (usually in that case it will reflect how I felt, or an approximation of how I felt, the day of the events I am describing).  

Before I post the continuation of the story from my dating project, I wanted to just recap:

Where I left off, I had been corresponding with various guys for about two months.  There had been nine, which was whittled down to four (see entry The Fish).  I had been on a second date with Amin and was about to begin the round of second dates with the others.  Thomas I had not met once yet, so I gave him priority to keep things fair.  That is exactly where I was in the sequence of events: my date with Thomas on October 2nd.

Now you are officially reoriented for the rest of my story... 

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